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Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not anymore the material of science fiction stories. Machine-learning methods play an essential role in our everyday lives, when we are searching for something on Google, Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant are one of the most commonly used AI apps we are all using AI all the time. When Netflix recommends you a movie, it’s basically AI functioning at the back-end. Whether you realize or not, you’re interacting with AI daily It is just a beginning to acclimatize to the changes that our economies and societies have undergone due to digital transformation. Yet people, companies, and governments must now ready themselves for the next big wave of artificial intelligence revolution. This new leap into the unexplored situation stimulates many anxieties and nightmares. Still, the extensive diffusion of AI will not just expand and hasten the economic and social transformations initiated by the digital era. It will also introduce forth new business strategies, new economic models, and new social systems, which control the power to modify some of the negative trends UAE; The Next Hub of Artificial Intelligence UAE is the only country having separate Ministry for AI. That’s why it can be a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and envisions the country to become a world leader in AI by 2031, creating opportunities and generating up to $90 billion in extra growth robots everywhere at the AI Everything show here in Dubai. The UAE Government works with innovators and organizations from all over the world to innovate new solutions enjoying artificial intelligence technology and promote future sectors. The AI Everything Summit represents a global event that supports UAE government efforts in the Middle East to share successful experiences in the field of artificial intelligence and become a global pioneer in adopting and developing this technology.

AI Everything 2019, Dubai

A few global well-known companies such as American multinational technology company Microsoft Corporation (MS), the Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise, Intel Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd were in the list of main Sponsors of the summit.

I attended AI Everything Dubai 2019 as a big fan of AI and believe that we should adopt ethical AI into our planning of solutions that serve the public as the adoption of AI accelerates in the world to help the world to become more peaceful.

Here it is the selected interesting corners of the exhibition.

Google had brought a festival of AI content at the exhibition through the Google Developers Roadshow (GDR), a series of interactive conferences, tech talks, workshops, code labs, hackathon & competitions with prizes, providing the latest updates on Google technologies and more, Microsoft creating AI-driven end-to-end customer journeys for financial institutions and a robot identify your mood & age through a live video a well-done job Developed by Microsoft, Tesla Model 3 at everything world trade center Dubai.

Moreover, the most exciting scene of the exhibition for me was a hoop-shooting robot which I competed with during the exhibition. During this spectacular and breathtaking free throw contest between the hoop-shooting robot and me, I lost the game 5-2!

The only thing I could say is that AI is the future.