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I am Ali Mizani Oskui, a researcher, inventor and futurist fueled by my passion for the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain with experience managing one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency asset portfolios worldwide.

  • Researcher: Doing research on singularity and immortality

  • Inventor: 5 valuable patent certificates

  • Futurist: Focusing on futurology issues

Now I’m the CEO of FiCAS company which is a Swiss regulated professional company for crypto asset investment advisory. It delivers consultancy services on cryptocurrency investment which makes access to the world of crypto asset easier.

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Crypto Predictions

Successful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency predictions of market trends from 2017 to 2022

Futurology Research

Carrying out a futuristic study on immortality based on singularity theory since 2007


Winner of the GOLD Medal of INPEX (America’s largest Invention trade show) for MCR, Pittsburgh USA, 2014


Winning The Gold Medal of PALEXPO(International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva,Switzerland),2007

Latest Publications

Here you can find my latest approaches and opinions towards future trends and ideas

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Discover The Future

“Blockchain technology is such a great and vital opportunity for the nations which ignoring it might cause a huge loss and threat.The key emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are expected to create the future of the world and we need to take participate and have a share from this future.”

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