Ali Mizani Speech, Crypto Valley Conference, Zug, 2019 on Immortality.

On 26th June 2019 I gave an interesting speech on the future of the world, form money to the power at Crypto Valley Conference, Zug, Switzerland. Here it is! A part of my speech: I addressed that Each person has a story about how he/she got to know about Bitcoin and blockchain. I explained we have already made artificial different artificial organs such as artificial hurt; artificial liver; artificial lung and the artificial brain is the final step to have a long life. I had a friendly talk to my audience about decentralized government on blockchain. I believe that death is a disease that we are going to cure it in the future. I was writing a book about this issue back in 2007, which was explaining Immortality, and the main idea was how human being could download their brain into a computer when somebody dies. I also explained in my book what consciousness is. What is looking at the world through our eyes? Can we build a conscious robot and feel pain and joy like a genuine person?!
You can see the full text in here: decentralized government