Joseph Stiglitz, a 76 years old economist who is best known for the winning the Nobel-prize for economics in 2001, mentioned in an interview with CNBC on 6 May 2019 that cryptocurrencies should be shut down. He believes that using cryptocurrencies leads to less transparency in financial transactions. With all due respect to Mr. Stiglitz, I believe that using the rotten rope of traditional economy to climb on the cliffs of the modern economy is not rational, since the foundation of the global economic system is changing, and decentralization revolution is coming. It is not only about money and cryptocurrencies, but also about the decentralization of power which is necessary for the future of democracy. On the other hand, I think the application of crypto by the criminals is not a good excuse to reject the whole cryptocurrency concept. With all due respect to you and your knowledge, I have to say that If Satoshi Nakamoto were not anonymous, not only would win Noble-prize but also would win tens of economics prizes. I have carried out researches on the evolution trend of science and technology and I see Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as the future of the world economy and part of human being evolution. I suggest all the people to follow the modern economy and get along with the wave of human being evolution. Mr. Stiglitz! No one can shut down the evolution; No one can shut down cryptocurrencies. It is better to know that until late of 2021, crypto total market cap will surpass $7 trillion. At that time, I invite you to a live TV debate. To see the full video clik bellow: